Spread Firefox!

September 30, 2005

Firefox is an ammazing browser from the opensource community. There is no match for this browser Itz Kool, fast and secure….Here are some ammazing pics of the Firefox!


Gaming good or bad?

September 29, 2005

Now I’m started to feel one thing, is gaming good or bad? I have explanation for both, first lets come to bad. I think Computer games is a kind of mess, time killers and the most important is they create unnecessary alertness. This alertness sometimes is good for letting the work done faster but over alertness may lead to feeling insecure about ourselves which might lead to mental sickness. When we come to good about games they are a good time pass stuff we can have lots of fun in gaming special on LAN. They stimulate Brian in creating strategies, creates alertness………..Whatever Games are Games there should be limit for every thing only then we can have the best our of it.

Counter Strike Rulz

September 29, 2005

For the last month I’ve been playing condition zero counter strike like anything. When I was a new bee to the game I ruled almost any arena I was in. But later ppl are also playing like any thing. Today for the fist time I saw the rooms is full. 16 player on each side. Hunt was rocking the game. Still strange fact is that still ppl managed to plant bomb and were successful in bombing. Whatever I’m feeling sick of this game. I’ve made a community on counter strike called Counterstrike@NITH on orkut but now I’m least interested in playing and maintain that community. I have to wait for some time after getting sufficient members I stop maintain ppl will carry the rest. Today for the fist time I almost posted 50 to 80 scraps on ppls scrap box abt the invitation to counter strike community. I’m going for uninstall now. I’m becoming sick. I have gr8 things to do. Project work is not started yet. whatever….Chill

OPEN SUSE itz pretty kool!

September 29, 2005

“Open Source rulz the world”

I have tried many linux distros ammong all Suse is unique of its kind..
I like itz graphical configuration tool yast.
Its interface is awesome. Im running webserver and samba server on linux They are doing just awesome
One thing is we can find many packages which may not be available in redhat Linux. Im actually redhat addicted, Some of terminal commands are not workinh that good. I have work more on it…Ok for now commnetz plz!

This is a sample Blog from mail

September 29, 2005

Hello world! I’m just checking blogging usingmail Id
"Innovate or perish"

Cathedral and The Bazzar

September 7, 2005

I dedicate this blog to the father of geeks Linus Trovalds
So guyz Im here to discuss some ting really serious…
Today the topic is Cathedral and The bazzar

Today the world of software industry is divided into two

  • Open Source
  • Proprietary

We all know that top rivals for these two are none but Linux and Microsoft. I want throw some light on these topic from my perspective. Before that I need to introduce a bit about these two rivals. Genesis of Open Source took place some where around 80’s the formulation of GNU (gee-new) took place along with the most popular project Emacs. The Linus Trovalds developed so called kernel from the existing project called Minix. Then the project was rigorously developed by many developers round the globe which led to a complete, robust, and multi-user operating system. About Microsoft we all know how the whole development took place but the strategies of these two projects went different. I do agree that Bill gates is also great geek of his age. We all know these good old stories.

I have been questioned by many of my friends that “What is the need of other OS when there is user friendly windows?” I could have answer him with a very big words like severs, multi-user and all kinds of blah….I thought a lot about this how can Linux satisfy a desktop user. We do know that today Linux has a very good graphical interface in two flavors GNOME and KDE. But all this could not satisfy a newbie and windows addicted. He needs more and more strong point for migration. What I consider the most important thing is all about ownership. 90% of the desktop PC’s are window based. Do u think that all those are registered with Microsoft, are they authenticate users of windows? This isn’t true with the developing countries like china, India and other south Asian countries where cyber laws are too weak. Here Microsoft plays a wicked game. Microsoft have the capability to track the unauthenticated users but it’s not doing so. This is because if does it will definitely loose the leader ship! That will lead to end of days of Microsoft.

It’s very important to mention another rising super power on internet its none but the “GOOGLE”. At the earlier stages of Google Microsoft tried to buy it and incorporating it onto its desktop later it just ignored presuming it just as simple search engine. That is Microsoft’s biggest mistake. We all know how Microsoft ditched IBM. Now IBM is one of the biggest supporters of Linux. It recently funding lot of fortune on redhat.

So in the world where super powers trying to rule the world will soon lose the battle to the open source that is going to be true in the near future u take my word that’s it! I would to make some things clear that I am not at all against to windows or supporting Linux. I do realize the importance of windows its role in bringing e-education for every one in this planet. But it should change its strategy it should start supporting open source. The truth is inevitable they should develop windows as Linux compatible. Recently it lost a battle with Google on its china’s CEO.

I conclude that in this world for the balance of powers both windows and Linux should go hand in hand and should lead to real development of mankind!

waitin for ur comments

Geek Feeling Nuts… :P

September 5, 2005

I thought a lot … but finally i found the right topic to blog
Its nothing but my experience on the life sucking computer……..
First of all I need to introduce my self to the geek world…Ok fine what am i?
My name is vijay ppl do call me mateti whatever i like to b called “The One” AKA “hellboy” (Its my CS Id)

Question is am i geek?
Long back ….in the year 2003 may 27 the genesis of the geeek machine took place
Its made of thunder processor AMD ..I say AMD just Rocks! Its the bottom line

I love my machine like hell!
Some times i really feel that there is some kind of psycic communication between me and my machine. It responds only to his master. It never failed to run any softy neither failed to reneder any graphical stuff coz its core is made up of Nvidia ..
It went abt 100 formats..upgraded to 80gb hdd …….once even it went of major operation when the cmos chip is screwed up. Still it survived its operated by the best doctors at ASUS.
It experienced a wide variety of OS
On windows it tasted win9x, winme, win 2000, winxp, windows Longhorn beta…waiting to taste windows server 2003 and the most awating windows vista…
On linux it rocked with Red hat 9, Red hat 10, fedora Core, Fedora Core 2, Fedora core 3, Vector linux, Kenopix live CD, Recenty on Suse linux, now running succesfully on Fedora core 4 Its dying to feel solaris 10, debian, slakware…
I like to experiment wid the the hot OS in the world
I really like crackin nuts on linux – the real geek Os
I cant wait tryin my hands any new os…
Whatever u say man Open Source rulz the future…

Still the question remained unanswered am i geek …rt. I think u need to justify me…….
I feel blue when my lights of the machine go off….
I remember those days when i sat abt 20+ hrs a day with blood shot eyes infront of the life sukin machine..It was close to hell…..Ahhhh All my bone freezed
I felt cold when i look at the blinking of ghost on the screen…
I felt my self departed when i look deep into the code randomly generated on the terminal…

so still the Q blinking in my mind am i geek..?