Geek Feeling Nuts… :P

I thought a lot … but finally i found the right topic to blog
Its nothing but my experience on the life sucking computer……..
First of all I need to introduce my self to the geek world…Ok fine what am i?
My name is vijay ppl do call me mateti whatever i like to b called “The One” AKA “hellboy” (Its my CS Id)

Question is am i geek?
Long back ….in the year 2003 may 27 the genesis of the geeek machine took place
Its made of thunder processor AMD ..I say AMD just Rocks! Its the bottom line

I love my machine like hell!
Some times i really feel that there is some kind of psycic communication between me and my machine. It responds only to his master. It never failed to run any softy neither failed to reneder any graphical stuff coz its core is made up of Nvidia ..
It went abt 100 formats..upgraded to 80gb hdd …….once even it went of major operation when the cmos chip is screwed up. Still it survived its operated by the best doctors at ASUS.
It experienced a wide variety of OS
On windows it tasted win9x, winme, win 2000, winxp, windows Longhorn beta…waiting to taste windows server 2003 and the most awating windows vista…
On linux it rocked with Red hat 9, Red hat 10, fedora Core, Fedora Core 2, Fedora core 3, Vector linux, Kenopix live CD, Recenty on Suse linux, now running succesfully on Fedora core 4 Its dying to feel solaris 10, debian, slakware…
I like to experiment wid the the hot OS in the world
I really like crackin nuts on linux – the real geek Os
I cant wait tryin my hands any new os…
Whatever u say man Open Source rulz the future…

Still the question remained unanswered am i geek …rt. I think u need to justify me…….
I feel blue when my lights of the machine go off….
I remember those days when i sat abt 20+ hrs a day with blood shot eyes infront of the life sukin machine..It was close to hell…..Ahhhh All my bone freezed
I felt cold when i look at the blinking of ghost on the screen…
I felt my self departed when i look deep into the code randomly generated on the terminal…

so still the Q blinking in my mind am i geek..?


3 Responses to Geek Feeling Nuts… :P

  1. shuntymaddy says:

    Hi Sir
    This is jst a kind of stuff that i want from my roll model.
    people choose some historians as their roll models, but for me this is the bottom line.
    I have not been so far with my machine but i must tell u about my supernatural relations with my machine which gives me somekind of ticket to this geek’s world.

  2. nice one…i too agre that microsoft is still sticking to its fuckinn bad strategy and should make its mind broader and broader..

  3. Yuvi Panda says:

    Well, poor computer:( Had to go through so many OSes…. Quite like, changing your Housekeeper every other day : Both the housekeeper nor the House is quite OK…–>

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