Counter Strike Rulz

For the last month I’ve been playing condition zero counter strike like anything. When I was a new bee to the game I ruled almost any arena I was in. But later ppl are also playing like any thing. Today for the fist time I saw the rooms is full. 16 player on each side. Hunt was rocking the game. Still strange fact is that still ppl managed to plant bomb and were successful in bombing. Whatever I’m feeling sick of this game. I’ve made a community on counter strike called Counterstrike@NITH on orkut but now I’m least interested in playing and maintain that community. I have to wait for some time after getting sufficient members I stop maintain ppl will carry the rest. Today for the fist time I almost posted 50 to 80 scraps on ppls scrap box abt the invitation to counter strike community. I’m going for uninstall now. I’m becoming sick. I have gr8 things to do. Project work is not started yet. whatever….Chill


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