Happy Diwali !

October 31, 2005

Wishing You & Your family a very Happy Diwali

Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous
Most Happiest New Year ahead…


Elite worrior returns!

October 31, 2005

I’m back … A very long leave to the battele field had a very least effect on the charts …. Again I played wid the glory. Condition Zero Rulz again…The had his shot No body can dodge the ones bullets ….

UBUNTU Im waitin ………..

October 30, 2005

When I was skimmin through some linux magzine my eyes stuck on Ubuntu. In the distrowatch website itz ranked No # 1 among all teh linux where suse linux is on 3rd and fedora core is on 4th. The most important thing is the shippment of Cd’s are free of cost to any plcae on the planet. I have ordered for 10+5 cd’s of 32 bit and 64 bit Os each set will b havin one install cd and live cd…Im waitin for that I couldnt resist it man

My Favorite Singers

October 30, 2005

I felt like dedicatin a post to all my favourite music stars ….They are simply the best

Eminem The real Slim Shaddy n The Best white rapper on this planet

Outta Control Nigger Thats 50 cent

Nelly the best of hip hop

Always USHER!

Creed where music comes direct from heart

Craig David really born for kool music

The best Band ever! Kurt live forever! Im a very gr8 fan of u

The best of techno band , Linkin park rocks n thats the bottom line

hey Akon even I’m Mr. Lonley

Greenday my new addiction

Rishi Rich n Jay Sean The best punjabi fusion band

Am I slapstic or norcotic or nerd??

October 29, 2005

I’m going out of my mind these days. Some times I reach my ecstacy, feeel like norcotic and some even crazy slapstic nerd. I cry  when angels deserve to dieeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,…….Ok fine I hav to come to normal whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

AJAX a pretty kool technology

October 29, 2005

For a very long time I been thinkin abt how some web pages should be..In some sites most of the matter remains constant, so what I felt was what is the need of of refreshing the whole page rather refreshing the exact matter that need to change. But recently I came to know that technology really do exist. Itz is called AJAX it seems to be name of some kind of greek  warrior right but itz just acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML its relating to the field of web application architecture. Nowadays many good sites are usin up this kool technology like gmail. We all know that gmail works really n fast, there is some thing really kool behind it It works on ajax technology what it does is, it first all download the script fiel which is about 200kb and all the web interface is based on that. After then whatever u do like composing and cheching mail the browser just goes for the relevent text request rather than going for all king of images backgrounds n all crap, this make gmail work really kool. I have to work on it actually its mixture of technologies like httml, Java script, XML, Dhtml and some. Hope in near future this technology advances more and more and may be incorporated on to every site. It hardly take 2kb to 10kb per each new link after the script file gets downloaded. Whatever I felt itz a very good technology so I thought of sharing to every geek …

The Shawshank Redumption

October 29, 2005

       The very first impression about the name of the movie was some thing strange but after watching it ohhh man it was amazing movie, simply awesome! It was just like another classic of tom hanks The actor was just like tom hanks ..the whole narration of the story went pretty awesome and the end of the movie was is damn good. When ever I expect any thing to happen that wouldn’t happen at that time It went completely out of my expectation. I recommend this movie to every one………Itz an amazing movie that I will never forget…..