Google Knows the World!

Google is a word that is part of everyones life. We cant immagine wolrd without gooogle. No one on internet knows more than google..Started as a simple web search at stanford hostel dormitory
Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They used an innovative page ranking algorithm to sort out pages based on there ranking. Google know every thing about internet. Nowadays google reached out to every where Google Earth Where we find almost every place on the planet from most secured ones to the metopolitan cities. Nothing on this plant can hide from google. Recently google unleased google moon with the help of NASA where it released high resolution immages of moon. Google Desktop Search is known to be the best search utility on the desktop. Today where the personel computing power reached up to 3.0+ GHz and disk storage raised from Gigabytes to Terabytes Its almost impossible to know what all present on the computer, google desktop search fills this gap. Google strategies are very dynamic and strong In the very future the truth is google will take the position of microsoft In software world. Among google technologies I like google news which is totally edited by bots. We can find the most lates news and most hot news at google news. Gmail its a revolutionary mail providing GB’s of space. ORkut a free community by google. Google prints we can almist find any kind of books at google prints for review. Blogger its one of my favorite sites which i can live without.

According to ‘The Google Legacy,’ history is about to repeat itself. From the article: ‘Microsoft today is where IBM was years ago. And Google is in a position to do to Bill Gates what he did to IBM. The result could be a new industry kingpin. Arnold, author of The Google Legacy, said in an interview this week that it appears that Microsoft doesn’t understand Google in much the same way that IBM didn’t understand Microsoft 20 years ago. “It will be the Googleplex from 2004 to 2020 – a network paradigm,” said Arnold. “It will be enabled by Google’s approach to innovation.


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