I didn’t miss eclipse…:))

Who said that stars can be watched only in night, That was history today there are number of very good softwares that exactly locate the position the universe from any location on this planet. Among all K stars and Celestia are my favorite. I really enjoyed watching solar eclipse from almost all places on the planet sitting in front of my PC. Thanks to K stars I didn’t missed eclipse.

Today we friends were discussing that today there is some kind of eclipse, no one is aware what eclipse it is, some said its Venus over moon and other said other said its mercury over sun. At the same time the discussion about all kind of faiths and shits of eclipse was hot. They said that it is from 1:00 pm IST to 5:00 pm IST…I forgot that topic at that moment itself. When I came back to room I suddenly got an Idea to watch what was it in K Star in my SUSE Linux. I opened up and adjusted geographical location to Nainital (Its most nearest place to where I live). I adjusted time to 17:00 IST and gave time steps to +1 min and started observing the path of the sun strangely I dint find any planer either Venus or mercury was near it but I observed moon was very close to that. So I confirmed that it was Solar Eclipse. Then I started to locate the best possible eclipse from different places in India I found that eclipse is much clearer from the south west location of India so I moved from Bangalore to Maldives. I observed diamond ring formation at Maldives. At Hyderabad and other places of south India there was about 50 % eclipse, at Delhi the moon just crossed the sun, It was too partial. I’m uploading some beautiful screen shots of the best formation of eclipse from various places in India and the world…..enjoy


One Response to I didn’t miss eclipse…:))

  1. Yuvi Panda says:

    Guess What ? Celestia Rocks. I got the Only O in our Comuters Science Projects with Celestia…

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