Geek onto Spirituality…:)

It seems so strange to imagine geek speaking all about spirituality. I have to mention some great relationship between a geek and a spiritual guy…A geek is a person who tries find out answers to infinite questions that arise in his mind and even spirituality leads to the answers to these questions the only difference is geek is specific confined to computing world but If you need answers to the ultimate questions I think its possible only though spirituality. Being spiritual is nothing but exploring ourselves…Seems to be confusing right. Even I am not that good enough to talk about this holy stuff. But I’m seeking great happiness and peace through spirituality. I’m a great follower His Holiness Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. He is the happiest person on this planet. He is the physical form of love and peace. His magical Sudarshan Kriya is just amazing and awesome. I do Padma Sadhan and Sudharshan Kriya after doing that I feel like I had a shot trip to heaven…There are so many thing that are beyond our intellect and imagination….Whatever…I believe in a great funda

Love All
Trust Few
Follow One

–Jai Guru Dev


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