AJAX a pretty kool technology

For a very long time I been thinkin abt how some web pages should be..In some sites most of the matter remains constant, so what I felt was what is the need of of refreshing the whole page rather refreshing the exact matter that need to change. But recently I came to know that technology really do exist. Itz is called AJAX it seems to be name of some kind of greek  warrior right but itz just acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML its relating to the field of web application architecture. Nowadays many good sites are usin up this kool technology like gmail. We all know that gmail works really n fast, there is some thing really kool behind it It works on ajax technology what it does is, it first all download the script fiel which is about 200kb and all the web interface is based on that. After then whatever u do like composing and cheching mail the browser just goes for the relevent text request rather than going for all king of images backgrounds n all crap, this make gmail work really kool. I have to work on it actually its mixture of technologies like httml, Java script, XML, Dhtml and some. Hope in near future this technology advances more and more and may be incorporated on to every site. It hardly take 2kb to 10kb per each new link after the script file gets downloaded. Whatever I felt itz a very good technology so I thought of sharing to every geek …


2 Responses to AJAX a pretty kool technology

  1. vargusvictor says:

    AJAX that does seem like a great way to make pages load faster. I wonder why people don’t use it more in pages now? Is it easy to use? I mean could I add it into a page already in existence or would it be best to start from scratch?

  2. Guest says:


    Very interesting article

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