Nmap Reloaded

We have all seen many movies like Hackers which pass off ridiculous 3D animated eye-candy scenes as hacking. So I was shocked to find that Trinity does it properly in The Matrix Reloaded. She whips out Nmap, uses it to find a vulnerable SSH server, and then proceeds to exploit it using the SSH1 CRC32 exploit from 2001. Shame on them for still being vulnerable. Congratulations to everyone who has helped make Nmap successful! The creator of Nmap Fyodor might be very happy with that. Nmap is such a tool I cant live with out. People may think using Nmap might seem like Script Kiddie but even most professional hackers do use nmap. There are so many things to be noated from that screenshot of trnity hacking the grid server. First point is she gone through nmap scan but it failed to fingerprint exact OS. Such a crucial server is not well patched it cant be. I think they need a professional guy like me. Actually the type of vulnerability varies from one OS to other. Without the knowledege of OS she went for SSH nuke its almost impossible. SSH nuke its another kind of fictious vulnerability nothing like that nver existed. To my knowledge SSH v1 has some vulnerabilities like it can be sniffed and can be decripted very easily. It would have been better Trinity should have gone Nessus scan first and then she should have gone for nmap. Whatever you say man no other movie on this planet. Its the real geek movie. I have some series of Animatix with me. I’m looking for some more series but I couldnt fine any. Please if any one have any of the series of Animatrix please drop a mail to me I will be very thankful to you. By the way you can get the video of that nmap hack and some pics at http://images.insecure.org/nmap/images/matrix/



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  1. Hi.,
    Yeah I am from IIIT Hyderabd
    I got those images from bapuart.com
    Life is pretty cool…

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