Hardware Error….

Last night when I just switched on my machine LAN was disconnected I rechecked the cable but there was no problem with that, then I went upstairs to check out whether the cable disconnected from the switch, but every thing was fine so I concluded that my Ian card is history. Damn I love that MAC number I did many nasty stuff some times with that MAC and some times with some forged MAC. Even once I was logged by college web server when I was trying to do some mischief with that. I got another card from one of friend but the point is it ain’t working on windows so I tried on Fedora and Suse its working damn cool. Now until I find the proper drivers of the card I will not be able to play games. The only thing I do on windows is playing games and chatting on yahoo messenger. Now my utility of windows is dead I’m forced to stick on to distro. Now I’m feeling back home with Linux…….


One Response to Hardware Error….

  1. Hi you r right..me busy wid exams…after 16 I will post…Ok..what else?? Yeah..we can start a bloggers grp….Ok Cya then

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