Disturbed Voices…:X

I think I’m going paranoid these days. Feeling so many me’s in me . Totally confused so many contradictory voices, going nuts, sickin freekish n bored ….What am I? What am I doing?……..My music orientation changed a lot, some things changed I’m experiencing the freekin dimensions of paranoidal life. Got addicted to dead metallic rock…just listen to disturbed its just awesome spcly Stupify I swear u will go paranoid…One should go paranoid in his life this will lead to the ultimate freakish part of our life……..Today we freaks of our batch had a great head banging we just rocked the party…..so u ppl Think paranoid! Stay Paranoid!


One Response to Disturbed Voices…:X

  1. Hey..U know some thing…just read ur complete blog..all ur archives…..me too feeling paranoid…hahaa…
    Okk…Gr8 work man keep it up…

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