Karma Linux

From a very long time I been thinking of makin out custom made linux based OS of my own. I made pretty good research on it and I found very few distros of indian origin and to come up with a new OS is not going to be a kids play…So I started work on it wid my frnd Sougata he is computer genious then we thought of starting with some existing project like LFS (Linux From Scratch) then we got all the manuals we downloaded all the recomended packages and all patches and did good amount of research on the os, kernel architechture and some core modules finally we prepared environment for compilation of packages on pre-existing distro Fedora Core 4, In the due course I named the project “Mission Karma Linux”. I really thought a lot about the name coz it should reflect some thing Indian origin some thing amazing. The word Karma is origniated from Sanskrit which means “The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny” which seems to be more logically relating to the Free Software Foundation and OSS. Even the name UBUNTU really close to Karma Linux. I have many expectations on this project n I know that there are too many distros already available which are really secured and robust but I wish to bring out some linux which serves the purpose of every indian coz there are many distros that are country specific like SUSE which is used mostly by germans and TURBO linux mostly used by china, taiwna and all chinklands. This is not going to a one mans job I need more and more volunteer coders, debuggers and the most improtant thing is interface designers. At the beginging we can adopt any kind of boot scripts like that of Redhats Anaconda or that of LFS, but later on we have to make many things of our own. Generally the important difference between the distros is the graphical interface and the configuration tools. So we have to come up with some thing unique or some thing innovative. But at the begining of the project every thing went kool for some time, but then started the real problem It took almost hours to compile some packages and finally ending up with some dependency errors. I got frustrated and abandoned the project. But again after a very long break I’m feeling like I shouldn’t have give up the project, It was a very good concept so this time its going to be Mission Impossible. I have to make up to alpha and beta versions before this year ends….I do have too many contraints, basically I’m in no way relating to computing feild so Its going to be a very huge burden for me to manage too many stuffs and other main thing is time constaint…Hope! every thing works well…..As said in The Shawshank Redemption “Hope is a good thing… may be best of things …and no good thing ever dies!”
Looking out for your constructive comments


2 Responses to Karma Linux

  1. Debarshi Ray says:

    Great work, do keep it up! It would be great if you could come up with a distro that only comprises of free software, since most of the distros that are available today are made up of non-free software (ie. proprietary or opensource software).

    If you need a volunteer, I am always ready to help you out.

  2. Debarshi Ray says:

    A good idea would be to make a distro that can be the national OS for India. Believe me or not, this was an idea given by Mark Shuttleworth to the Bombay GLUG last week. Any success might mean… I leave it to your imagination!

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