SUN’s Project Looking Glass

What if your desktop were actually a 3D environment? What if your CD or movie database became a 3D jukebox? Project Looking Glass is based on Java technology and explores bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities. It is an open source development project based on and evolved from Sun Microsystems’ Advanced Development division. It supports running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space, as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development. At the moment, existing application integration is supported for Linux and Solaris x86 platforms. The platform for 3D application development is available for Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms. Actually I heard about this project from my brother but never gave any thought of checking what actually it is. The one that astonished me is that the Live CD based on slackware fro supporting the project is done by some school going kid. If a school going kid is able to bring out such a beautiful Live CD being engineer I felt so shame on myself…. The very thought gave me boost to my Karma Linux project. One day I will be hosting my own site with my Karma Linux… Do download the Live Cd of thsi glass windown project. I have downloaded it but due to lack of blank Cd I havet tried Live CD on system boot. I have tried it on virtual machine but due lack of system resources It not able to render the graphics and all. Hope this feature may be incorporating on to future linux. I have another thought of incorporating an optional desktop environment for my karma Linux. It will be great to have a full fledged linux with Looking Glass feature. As said I may hope things might work well.


2 Responses to SUN’s Project Looking Glass

  1. vargusvictor says:

    Wow, you have introduced me to somethign really cool with the Sun 3D desktop thing. I have never heard of it before. I am not a fan of Microsoft and I am looking for a way to stop using their products. Currently I am in the second semester of my first year in college. I am taking Intro to networking this semester as well as intro to internet protocals. I am very interested in finding out more about this computers, and this desktop alternative that you have posted about on your blog. Sorry for rambling on, but I am not accustomed to finding blogs like yours. Thanks for commenting on my blog btw! I hope we have an opportunity to correspond in the future. Feel free to email ( me or comment on my blog anytime you like. Again sorry for the long rambling post.

    Thank you,

  2. Lunatic says:

    I hope this project might be incorporating onto future linux desktops Its on GNU-GPL so I think there wont be any problem in incorporating it on to any linux. Still the project is in maturing stage it needed to more and more robust. Anyway Thanks for showing interest on my blog.

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