Ubuntu Rocks!

Finally the most awaiting shipment of UBUNTU Linux arrived. I was damn exited receiving the package. The shipment was absolutely free. I ordered for 10+5 for 32bit and 64bit architecture and each set have a live Cd and a installation Cd. I made a full installation and configured all the network stuff. It has the latest Kernel and all the latest packages. But Its a Debian variant. Though the most o
f the functions are similar but when it comes to packages Its pretty hard to find Debian specific packages and one more thing is as the installation was only of one Cd not much auxiliary packages are installed so when we try to install any new packages there is too many dependency problems. The best thing is its on latest GNOME 2.12.1 of November build. The interface is lot much improved It has firefox 1.0.7 and OpenOffice 2.0 stable version. Presently I configured Apache server for my local site and ftp for my software repository. I almost explored all the menu options. There is a unique packet manager called Synaptic packet manager which I think is the coolest one. I downloaded many guides for UBUNTU newbies…. I distributed almost half of this Cd’s to all my geek mates. Very soon we ar
e planning to start a Open Source Software Repository on our college server of terabyte capacity…So guys any one interested in trying such a beautiful Linux plz don’t download the ISO order for free shipment of pressed Cd’s from http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ don’t feel shy to order in large quantity later you can spread it to every one.
Check out some cool links of Ubuntu resources


6 Responses to Ubuntu Rocks!

  1. Allagappan M says:

    What is the default root Password in Ubuntu? It didn’t ask me for it.

  2. Lunatic says:

    Yeah during installation there is no provision for providing root password. You can set it later by executing the command sudo passwd root or else you can crack it by passing init 1 at boot loader which will lead to root shell. Sudo serves root

  3. Devikanth says:

    hey how many days will shipping take?
    Are those absolutely free?

  4. Lunatic says:

    yeah man its absolutly free cant u belive that picture…it will take around 5 to 6 weeks just go fo it

  5. Debarshi Ray says:

    My first consignment of 3 sets (1 PC, 1 64bit PC, and 1 Mac) arrived last month. I am still waiting for my next consignmnt of 45 CDs.

  6. Debarshi Ray says:

    Ubuntu does rock! I tried the LiveCD of 5.10 on my notebook and the result was quite satisfying.

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