Review: Firefox 1.5

The most awaiting release of mozilla firefox is out yesterday. I couldn’t hold myself in testing the software. I downloded the linux version and tried on ubuntu . I made a bit technical comparision between 1.0.7 and 1.5. There are some very intresting features in the latest release. What I consider the major difference is the memory utilization by the X server is reduced to considerable amount. They enhanced the browsercapabilities to support Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX , upgraded to higher SSL versions and most important feature is they enhanced the cache during browsing and while using backward and forward links. The preference window is modified to form view rather than tree view. It also enhanced the tabbed browsing and new feature is drag and drop tabs and image preview on the top of the tab window. Another significant feature is they provided an option for links open on new windows in tabs on the same window and also the external links to open up a new tab rather than the last tab that was present. They provied a better interface for error message in the main window rather than using popups. Enhanced popup bloker is incorporated.

Form based Preferences window

Enhanced Tab browsing capabilities

Error messages on main window

Drag and drop tabs

2 Responses to Review: Firefox 1.5

  1. ArChiE says:

    hey i was waiting for the new firefox version.. can u send me the link.

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