Anti GNU Movement

Here in this blog we can find a different perspective for GNU movement in terms of communism. I don’t agree or disagree with what he said, Its just his own perception. Maybe he might be having a different perspective if he is directly involved in that movement. Whatever it might be this blog is worth visiting once, where you can get a different view of the great FOSS Movement. I believe GNU is fighting for freedom and it doesn’t make them communists. Even we Indians fought for freedom for ages but we were never communists, that’s the reason Richard M. Stallman is called as Gandhi of Software Freedom Movement. Some people may call the whole Open Source concept as some piracy but, what do they call to own the digital rights, software patents, DRM? No answer, it reflects their business strategies. This will hinder the human development. As said my Eric S. Raymond “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” it absolutely true. GNU was never against to business its always fighting for freedom. Free software movement is to make software reach the poor. Here free doesn’t refer to no cost it refers to freedom. Any one can charge nominal amount for their work and contribution. Anyway revolution stated picking up all over the world I can already see the change. Lets hope the we might win the freedom.


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