Nmap 3.9999 is out!

Finally almost reached almost very close to the most waiting 4.0 version of Nmap. I’m regular subscriber of Nmap Hackers. I just got mail from Fyodor about the announcement of release of 3.9999 beta version for the final 4.0 version. They made a number of changes from the last 3.95 version. This time they made a installer for win32 version rather then zip file. Even they have bundled Winpcap drivers along with that. There are so many advanced features and is otimised for greater memory management when scanning large number of hosts. Updated to the latest OS and service finger prints. Increased functionality towards firewalled hosts. Another is asynchronous DNS, which speeds up large network scans as Nmap doesn’t have to resolve each IP serially using the (slow) host resolver anymore. The version detection database has been updated with all remaining 2005 service submissions.  It now contains 3,153 signatures for 381 service protocols.  While Nmap is running, you can now press ‘v’ to increase verbosity, ‘d’ to increase the debugging level, ‘p’ to enable packet tracing, or the capital versions (V,D,P) to do the opposite. Any other key (such as enter) will print out a status message giving the estimated time until scan completion. Reverse DNS resolution is now done in parallel rather than one at a time.  All scans of large networks (particularly list, ping and just-a-few-ports scans) should benefit substantially from this change. Many more advanced options are included which are out of my understanding…So wanna try your hands on the latest Nmap 3.9999 just go for it and have fun.
Happy Hacking
–Lunatic \m/


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