Ajax Rocks Meebo !

Today I was checking out the logs of my blog. Strangely I found a request from http://www22.meebo.com. I was so curious that who would have that visit came from. I want to that site and found thats its a web based messenger. I remember another messenger of that kind that’s e-messenger.net, I used to use it on Linux as we were behind firewall and proxy. But this one is different its really cool. You know what it is based on Ajax. Yeah Ajax my favorite technology. I tell you guyz you believe me or not Ajax is gonna change the experience of web its the very main component of Web 2.0. So all J2EE guyz try your hands once on this technology its really cool. This site has login to four messengers AIM, ICQ, YM, Jabber, GTalk, MSN you wish one its there really cool huh!. Don’t worry guys its not any kind of pishing you can trust it even its back ended with high encryption of 1024 bit RSA key. So forget about sniffing. I hope you might like it. I got addicted. May be you might be knowing it before but still there might be some one like me who might be finding it for the first time. Once again thanks for visiting the blog. By the way I forgot to tell you that request came from some one who is using messenger from meebo as I put my status to the url of my blog on my messenger. I think I can become a good detective Chill! My up coming post will be on the Browser Tweaks. How to make the Best out of Firefox. So keep visiting 🙂

Happy Hacking,
–Lunatic \m/


One Response to Ajax Rocks Meebo !

  1. Debarshi Ray says:

    Meebo solved my GNU/Linux IMing problems. Previously I was stuck with the painfully slow http://www.e-messenger.net, since Gaim and Kopete would not work from behind our Institute proxy.

    Fantastic thing, and some more features in it would be fabulous!

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