Deepest Sender – The Blogging Client for Firefox

So, here I’m going to present you a beautiful firefox extension Deepest Sender! Its a pretty good blogging client for many bloghosts like Blogger, Live Journal and Word Press. This extension make the blogging real easy. There were days when I used to login on to and open up my blog and make new post, at that time at some point or the other there used to be some or other problem with publishing or uploading the images. Deepest Sender Extension enhances your blogging experience.

Go to the addon web site of firefox on blogging section you will this cool extension. There is no much complexity. A simple wizard will customise the setting up of account. After that just use some keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+\ which opens the Deepest sender login window. Just login and start posting! Voila! Yeah its that easy. You can select the name of the blog onto which you want to post. There is inbuilt WYSIWYG editor and preview window. Other features are we can save the post as draft when you have no internet connection and post it later. Though I’m not a user of Live Journal, this software have a very good feature like displying the current song on your playlist on your blog in realtime. Yeah for that you need some more plugins like FoxyTunes. This plugin is basically made for the facilitate bloging on Live Journal. So what you are waiting for? Go get it! Have fun! I’ll be posting some more tweaks and extensions on upcoming post. Till then…
Happy Hacking,
–Lunatic \m/


One Response to Deepest Sender – The Blogging Client for Firefox

  1. Lunatic says:

    Can any one tell me why there is so much activity on this post espcly from livejournal?

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