The G Shock !!!

I’m trying to recover from the G shock! Yeah its G shock – GOOGLE Shock. Today I declared black day of GOOGLE coz my favourite google kicked my ass and deleted the adsense account. I made pretty good fortune with adsense within no time. But there were only few clicks that were not appropriate. Google went angry! So today I banned google service and used msn and yahoo (now its 1 am its new day so back to google). I couldn’t breath there. I learned a lesson “never ever click upon your own ads”. I tried even so many nasty methods . Whatever this is a very good experience. I made a pretty good research on hosting services, google adsense and web statistics. I’m going to strike back, but this time ethically with a innovative concept. I’ve been thinking to start a .com business for a quite long time. By the end of the college I should seriously launch some pretty good site. Lets hope everything works good. ..Btw my future project is going to be http://www.linux*********.com (Its B secret) keep watchin. I think it takes time for google to calm down. Today this is my third posting, the last two never showed up on the page though I republished the site so many times. If this post gets published I will resume back to normal posting. This time I will be dealing around tweaking the various aspects of Ubuntu linux. Till then
Happy Hacking,


One Response to The G Shock !!!

  1. Debarshi Ray says:

    I am recovering from a Google schock of a different kind: the launch of Google’s emasculated Chinese server at It is already horrible that the Chinese government chooses to filter the content that its citizens can access over the Internet, thus violating the basic purpose of having the Internet- freedom. It is even more shocking to hear that Chin Tao (I hope I got the name right), a Chinese journalist, was hunted down by the Chinese government in collaboration with Yahoo! for having published material which did not conform to the views of the administration. Chin Tao will be serving a 10 year prison sentence!

    How the fuck could companies like Yahoo! and Google suck up to the Chinese dragon? Go to to learn more.

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