WTF happened to Blogger?

C’mon I’m going nuts what happened to google? Is is any kind of DDOS attack from botnets or any normal outages? Its loosing its reputation. It should have informed all his users in perior about the scheduled outage. If any thing really went wrong its is going to be nuts. I’m blogging from my mail, I don’t know whether this will publish or not. I thought there might be some bug in our college proxy which might be terminating all my requests to, so I went for google transilation proxy and other third party proxies from various locations on this planet, * showed up nowhere. Even google offcial blog is down. I dont know whats going on? Can any one explain me whats going on? If I loose any thing I’m going to die. It was more than a diary to me. I don’t know from last two days google is annoying me like anything. I’m really unhappy with google 😦


3 Responses to WTF happened to Blogger?

  1. Devikanth says:

    hey how much did u make with ur adsense..I mean did they really pay u.

  2. Asankhaya says:

    even i faced the outrage on blogger..and even one of my posts wasnt published…;)

  3. Lunatic says:

    This week blogger faced so many probems and outrages. They report that they have problems regards load balancing and some database errors. Eric assure that they will provide better service with in fewdays lets c.

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