Ubuntu I Love You :D

Ten reasons why I love Ubuntu

  1. The ethics of free software revolution.
  2. Its robust and stable.
  3. Its on Gnome desktop environment.
  4. The shipment of pressed Cd’s is free.
  5. Great software repository.
  6. Follows GNU/Linux standard.
  7. Single Cd distribution.
  8. No logo of penguin on the main OS (which confirms with GNU).
  9. It has great support from community forums and wikis.
  10. Its just amazing (;-D

4 Responses to Ubuntu I Love You :D

  1. Asankhaya says:

    i think you should try opensolaris…its the new kid on the open source block.

  2. Lunatic says:

    Opensolaris is good but its doesn’t meet GNU standards. I’m a supporter of GNU. I’ve tried solaris any many variants of linux. Till now only open suse and ubuntu were good. Ubuntu is on the top of the list. Its ranked number one in distrowatch website and many other linux reviews.

  3. Debarshi Ray says:

    The GNU guys feel that Ubuntu, like Debian, is not a Free OS as it include certain non-free stuff.

    They recommend Utoto-e as one of the very few truly free GNU/Linux distributions. However one guy said that Fedora comes closest to being free, but it too includes the non-free kermit in it.

  4. Yuvi Panda says:

    Wait a Second. Think you’ve seen my post here. And, so what do you say about that ? Fancy, a great unuserfriendly, monospace text Installation Interface that intimidates a newcomer is a feature as well ?

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