Google unveils Gmail Chat!

Finally google is extending its mail to web chat client. Ajax makes any thing possible. I was thinking why Gmail and all its technologies are still in beta stage. Google believe that all its services other than search are not as robust as the search. They have many plans to implement. Its providing Chat history facility to store it on to gmail itself. This totally solves the requirement a middle ware software for chat, Browser serves all. Still they haven’t implemented on to the mail it may be out in couple of days. Google is going to rule the Internet. the release of it Talk client is its strategy to get into VOIP race. It even provided its source under BSD license for the open source developers to fight against the only competitor Skype. Who know in future it may provide facility to Sms and Call to any phone from the same Gmail and Gtalk!


2 Responses to Google unveils Gmail Chat!

  1. Asankhaya says:

    SMS and call to phone may be a bit too far…. Our department has been using skype to get some tele presentations from of alumuni in USA… skype has amazing voice quality

  2. Debarshi Ray says:

    I am eagerly waiting for it.

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