See what number says

This is very kool poem by my Wing mate Hemant. Its all about number, look guyz he is the best of the best when it comes to any computing stuff, Master of CFD and numbers.

“no counting finishes without zero,
one day each of us will be hero,

now count starts with number one,
its useless to live without fun,

this gives the chance to number two,
everyones wants something new to do,

turn attention to number three,
everybody is desires to live free,

then see importance of number four,
be honest it will open heaven door,

now this count stuck with number five,
life is ocean each one have to dive,

well get onto this next number six,
there is no shortcut who needs fix,

anyway its turn for hotlist number seven,
wherever we live is not less than heaven,

then take a hault at number eight,
keep on is miggling with confusing date,

now our count reach to number nine,
hope we all achieve state of devine,

finally magic of above numbers start,
gives an indication life is full of that,

well this count keeps on increasing,
really friends are one who keep on helping,

after all this count will end up with infinity,
every body will perish and leave some indentity,

do any one of us have seen fighting number ever,
then why can’t we live in peace and be friends forever”

Dude you are amazing man! Its really awesome, isn’t it? Believe me he is damn good at writing hindi poems too. Please drop some comments for such a wonderful poem 😀


2 Responses to See what number says

  1. Debarshi Ray says:

    Wow! Thats an amazing composition.

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