Firefox upgrade HOWTO

Hi fellas, This howto is meant for ppl who wish to upgrade from firefox 1.0.7 of Ubuntu’s Breezy Badger. As there isn’t any upgrade option on Linux version of firefox and even there is no latest version of firefox at ubuntu’s repositories, only way left is to get the package from Mozilla website and upgrade. There is a little bit problem with the latest version. It has a little bit dependencies problem to run on breezy badger. So here’s a mini HOWTO for Firefox upgrade.

If you are behind any firewall or any proxy set your proxy on terminal by executing the following command as root or sudo. Replace user and password with your authentication details and set the proxy address and port in the following command

root@zionmainframe:/# export http_proxy=”http://user:password@proxy_address:port”
(eg: http://admin:pass@ )

Check the proxy variable by following command

root@zionmainframe:/# echo $http_proxy

Remove the comments (#) before the Universal, Main and Restricted repositories from the source list

root@zionmainframe:/# vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Solve the dependency by installing the following library

root@zionmainframe:/# apt-get install libstdc++5

After installation get the firefox package for Linux i.e., Firefox from Extract the file by the following command on to your home directory

root@zionmainframe:/home/user/# tar -zxvf firefox-

Change the link from the /usr/bin on to the new executable

root@zionmainframe:/usr/bin/# ln -s -i -v /home/user/firefox/firfox firefox

Accept to replace the existing link. Thus you have the latest Firefox ready to explode. You will have all your old bookmarks and it automatically updates the latest version of all the plugins. Though all these things seems to be pretty easy, this might help out for starters.
Happy Hacking,
–Lunatic \m/


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