Finally Gmail Chat is out!

As expected it took couple of days to settle every thing of the launch of Gmail Chat. The interface is quite similar to that of Gtalk. There is option to send invitations, edit personal details, changing status, and many more. Its a very good innovative concept to integrate mail and chat. Google is amazing! In no time people are going to shift on to google completely for chat. All these seems that the prophecy EPIC 2014 may become reality. In near future google will definitely launch a google grid, where it will integrate all its services and create a personalised cell for every person on this planet. This may lead to the downfall of Big Shot in this Game. Welcome to G World !


3 Responses to Finally Gmail Chat is out!

  1. vargusvictor says:

    Wow thanks for introducing me to EPIC 2014! Really something!

  2. Debarshi Ray says:

    Google claims EPIC 2014 is bloated up. eg., the claim that Google would be at loggerheads with The New York Times, is laughed at by Google since they claim that NYT is one of their partners only.

    I came to know of the above fact from a couple of Google India employees at IIT Madras.

  3. Lunatic says:

    I don’t say that EPIC will happen exactly as they have shown. But the growth of google power and its strategies will be similar to what all they have shown. As its integrating al its services mail, chat, maps, base, It seems that they are trying to make a kind of grid. Anything may happen future there even might be a cyber war coz of google. Now most of the ppl hate M$ bcoz of its dominance. Very soon a time will come ppl will become impatient with the google dominance over internet.

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