Gmail for your domain

This is a very great revolution for those who couldnt manage their mail servers. Google is going to host the mail stuff for any domains available on internet. They are going to provide as many Email accounts you need for all your customers and your organization for free with a mailbox size of 2.5GB. Its providing all the feature of Gmail like attachments, chat, anti virus scan and many more. Even they are going to provide some control panel to customize those accounts. Still this feature is in Beta stage. I guess this is going to compete the M$ similar strategy called live domains. ‘Live’ is going to be the last hope for Microsoft to battle with google on Internet. A serious war is going between google products and M$ live feature. I don’t wish to promote what they do but if you are really interested what are up to go to But I guess the major issue about this Gmail Domains might be about the privacy. Google is really getting more and more into privacy. Its poking nose on to every aspect of a normal Internet user. Most of the time the end user is totally unaware that a massive data mining is done on him. So we have to wait and see how the corporate world is going to take up this. I don’t exactly know what mail extension they are gonna provide but Microsoft is going to provide the exact extension of your domain like "". So if any one wish to avail that facility I think there is much threat in it. For ppl who go for a cheap hosting plan they get only few email accounts with the type of hosting plan they choose. I guess its really useful for such ppl.


8 Responses to Gmail for your domain

  1. Lunatic says:

    sorry! Errata:There is no much threat in it! I’m sorry for missing the word “no”. It really make bad sense.

  2. vargusvictor says:

    I wonder where Google is going with this. Why do they collect so much data on users? It’s getting harder for me to belive that they are doing it for any innocent or harmless reason as they claim.

    Thanks for the link. I returned a link to your blog on island41.


  3. Lunatic says:

    May be they are planning to launch some personalised space where each user information is extracted from all its service to create some .. whatever

  4. Yuvi Panda says:

    Hi Lunatic. Just a bit of pro-Microsoft nitpicking. The Domains you mentioned weren’t on They’re on Office Live, which, though having similiar names, are quite completely different. Office Live is here.

    Looks like a nice blog, though it’s Microsoft, MS, and Not M$:D

  5. Lunatic says:

    its not even in the link youve mentioned its in its still beta bro!

  6. Yuvi Panda says:

    Sorry Lunatic. I just got a bit confused when you said about Domains and Mailboxes. The Office Live link I pointed you to actually offers you a Domain name and 5 Email Accounts for Free. So, really, a bit like Geocities, only a bit more feature filled. But then, did you notice it was free ? A Basic Version is free even after Beta. So, does M$ still remain so ?:P

  7. Lunatic says:

    Look buddy every thing is based on darwins theory, basic rule of evolution. They have to change their rules for stay alive in such a heavy competetion from google. As I said Live is the only final hope for M$ against google. Even its forced to provide compatibility with the linux ..Even it will get its head into open source very soon. Already they have 6 open rpojects on sourceforge.

  8. Yuvi Panda says:

    Yep. Survival of the fittest. That’s why I think Microsoft’s going to survive.

    But, Survival of the Fittest means Survival of the fittest in a Particular Competietion Area. Say, Internet Search. Google’s the fittest, so that’s the thing that’s goaana be Surviving. But, say for Home Desktop use, Windows XP is the fittest, and that’s goanna survive. And, when Vista comes out, it’s goanna be more evolved and so, More fit to survive. And, The Paperclip is quite off by default in Office 2003, and it’s quite removed in Office 2007.

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