GNU MP3d is a pretty good streaming server for various media formats. I’ve configured it on my Ubuntu to stream some of the songs on our college intranet. This works as an addon to Apache Web server. The stream server provides web front end for the play lists. Not only that there is a advanced fucntionality to search the playlist based on title and many other tags. You can view the status of th stream server who else is conneceted to the server. There are many HTML therms which can be customised. This would be great tool for ppl who wish to run some stream server if they have broadband and a binded ip. There are so many options to control the outflow of data and limit the number of connections to the server. This is a mini HOWTO for configuring GNUMP3d on Ubuntu Breezy Badger.

You need to run apache server so get apache2 from the repositories. Get GNUMP3d from synaptic packet manager by simple search or by executing following apt-get on terminal.

root@zionmainframe:~# apt-get install gnump3d

Edit the config file as follows
root@zionmainframe:~# vi /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf

user = gnump3d
user = root

root = /var /music
root = /home/vijaymateti/songs (to whatever your music folder)

Restart the server
root@zionmainframe:~#invoke-rc.d gnump3d restart

Finally you got your Fav MP3 stream server on 8888 (default) port.
Here is the address of my MP3 stream server on lan

Happy Hacking,
Lunatic 2.0 \m/


4 Responses to GNUMP3d mini HOWTO

  1. Satish Reddy says:

    nice technology mannnn…these days i use to listen songs frm ur pc…gud work

  2. burgess says:

    looking for information and found it at this great site.

  3. Max says:

    i cant wait to try this out!

  4. rey67 says:

    Great, informative blog!Can’t wait to try this new and wonderful product of technology. Where can I get it anyway?

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