Just Say No to Microsoft

This is amazing book from No Starch “Just Say No to Microsoft” Here you can find hundreds or reasons for all those peoples how belive that its just another opensource advocacy.

There are so many reasons to Just Say No to Microsoft—the blue screen of death, Outlook email viruses, the never-ending influx of Windows patches… And yet, with Microsoft owning the lion’s share of the desktop market, how can anyone escape the Beast from Redmond and still function? It’s not as hard as you think, and author Tony Bove is only too happy to show you how to become liberated.

Bove injects a healthy dose of humor into Just Say No to Microsoft, but his objective is sincere: to help you break your Microsoft addiction and free yourself from reliance on its ubiquitous software. After tracing Microsoft’s rise from tiny startup to monopolistic juggernaut, Just Say No to Microsoft chronicles how the company’s practices have discouraged innovation, stunted competition, and helped foster an environment ripe for viruses, bugs and hackers.

From there, Just Say No to Microsoft outlines the many available replacements for Windows and other Microsoft products, including the Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook), Media Player, and Internet Explorer, and explains why your computing life will be better if you make the switch. With Bove’s thorough explanations of alternative operating systems like Linux and Mac and open source solutions, you can kiss the entire Windows operating system goodbye. And, Bove demonstrates how you’ll be able to interact successfully with your less-fortunate friends and colleagues who are still tied to Microsoft.

This is the sample chapter from the book Chapter 4: Slay the Word and You’ll Be Free


3 Responses to Just Say No to Microsoft

  1. vargusvictor says:

    Good find! I really want to buy this book now. Even if just for a joke. I already decided that I am not using XP when I get my new computer next month. So I’ll be looking for as much help as I can get when installing software on my new computer.

  2. Lunatic says:

    Yeah Its pleasure for me in helping a M$ victim to migrate to Linux! Wanna be geek Go for Linux , Exactly speeking GNU/Linux

  3. cris108 says:

    Geez, I am still tied with microsoft. Maybe I should purchase this book and really see what’s the big deal about microsoft. Perhaps, it could change my mind about patronising microsoft.

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