Where do you stand?

Geeks are nerds that almost get along and function non-awkwardly in real life. Geeks can’t help but associate with nerds because of common interests but often appear embarassed by the behavior of their nerd counterpart. The truth is that they are ashamed of their own nerdiness and try to hide it from their real-life friends. In short, geeks are nerds who have a semi-social life.

How to differentiate a nerd from a GEEK:

  1. True geeks specialize in a particular programming language whereas the nerd will claim top-knowledge in multiple computer related topics from hardware to doing your mom.
  2. A geek doesn’t have to use a website to speak in binary or leet. The nerd’s best friend is Nick Ciscke (http://nickciske.com/tools/binary/php)
  3. True geeks no longer live at home after college, they just use their parents to do their laundrey. Nerds will never see daylight.
  4. Reads Sci-fi that isn’t completely useless. EXAMPLE: geeks read “Hitchhikers Guide to the Multiverse.” While nerds still read “Hitchikers Guide to the Universe.”

8 Responses to Where do you stand?

  1. Mal says:

    I actually have been saying this for years, but I had them mixed around. I thought Nerd was the cool one. I always told people (reformatted to meet your hierarchy): Geeks will go to a Star Trek convention; Nerds DRESS UP. With wierd latex shit.

  2. N. says:

    Interesting. I always knew there was a difference. I just didn’t know how to explain it LOL
    cool blog 😉

  3. doris says:

    Did you know that the original definition of a geek is a circus man who eats the heads off live chickens and snakes.

  4. tin79 says:

    I think I stand between. And I like it to be in the middle. To have some balance, not too much of the other and not too less of the other. Then in that way I cold be consider as normal human being.

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  6. Ferinannnd says:

    Как всегда на высоте!

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